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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Colleen Bradford Krantz

Colleen Bradford Krantz spent a decade reporting for daily newspapers such as the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and The Des Moines Register. Now an independent journalist, Colleen has written her first book, "Train to Nowhere; Inside an Immigrant Death Investigation." The book was the starting point for an award-winning documentary of the same name, which Colleen wrote and co-produced. She lives in central Iowa with her husband and three children.
 I spent the day with Colleen and 35 fellow authors at the 2nd annual Great Iowa Book Event in Des Moines, Iowa. What a joy to share thoughts and ideas with Colleen. Her book Train to Nowhere is an interesting and truly eye opening experience of well investagitive reporting transferred to print. Take time to look her book up, read it and view the documentary and I think you will be very glad you did. An excellent author and story teller, Colleen's DVD will tell you the story, up close and personal.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Penance... the sequel to Abduction.

It is finally here! The long awaited arrival of Penance has finally come. The bodies have floated to shore and death is in the air again. Ronnie and Gloria are back to wreak havock on those that took their father and lover from them. They are on a killing spree that spans the U.S. Who will survive and who will NOT?!?! You will need to purchase this new novel to find out.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Ice Changers

Sci-Fi novel, Ice Changers, the newest novel by Darrel Day, is now available for your Kindle at Read and enjoy. Please leave a review after reading the novel.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Forest Has Ears

 BISAC: Fiction / Occult
The Salem Witch Trials History has nothing on the trials within the witch’s coven itself.

The Forest Has Ears’ is a short story about a Witch Coven that is at war within itself. The witches are battling for the right to lead the coven. Karen is the heroine of the story. Her mother was killed by a rival witch for the title which should belong to Karen, but instead she is battling to save the lives of her husband and children.

The witches have a connection to the forest and use the trees to protect themselves against evil. Now, far back in the forest, Karen and her small coven must trust the forest to keep the evil witches away from them. 

The fight is filled with secret powers that only the trees will see and hear. It is a fight to the death and Karen... may not survive it.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Until Death Do We Meet... By Darrel Day

One moment, one silent minute... can change your life forever. Christine took less than a minute to make a choice that would set her on a path she could not ever have imagined. Beautiful beyond words and in a second, she was dead. The only thing missing was the "Rest In Peace" for her.
 Left at the alter, she thought she had only one choice. Now Christine will travel far from where she was laid to rest to try and find her "ever after." Searching for the man that left her and for a reason why. A ghost that wanders aimlessly through this world, pulled by an unseen force towards a man she has never met.
 Tom, just a lonely man and Jennifer, a secret love, will be thrust into Christine's life without warning. They will find love and sorrow and death and life as they follow Christine through her quest to find peace ever lasting. Their lives will be transformed and Christine will be heart-broken once again. Does a ghost have rage? Can they cause you to feel their very thoughts? Christine will... with every page you turn.      

Abduction... A suspense Novel By Darrel Day

Abduction is a novel that will have you turning pages and Wanting to know what lies on the next page. The story of a young lady, a boyfriend and a high strung father, Abduction takes you on a journey with a mad man, bent on revenge.
 Patricia Campbell, the daughter of Pittowns Sheriff is with child. James, the father of her unborn child has every reason to want to take Patricia away from her father. He fears for his life and the future of his child. His decision to take Patricia away from Pittown will begin a trek that has him and Patricia fighting for their very lives.  They find themselves fighting Johnathon Campbell, the angry and looking for someone to pay for what has happened to his daughter. Trying to escape another angry man. A man that believes he has found a way to avenge a death that happened eighteen years ago. And to do this, he has taken from Johnathon Campbell the most important thing in his life. His daughter.

 Follow along with these characters as they play out what is sure to be the most frightening ride of their lives. Not all that play will live to tell the story. A single thought, one action by two love struck teens that will explode into a nightmare that will make you close your shades while you read.