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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hello to you this morning,

 I have been away for what seems like forever. Not away from writing or the Web but away from my blogs and connecting with you. Today, with a new found sense of direction and dedication, I am turning my focus on what I do best... writing. I have made some true accomplishments in the months that have passed and am looking forward to the New year and all it has to offer.

 Where have I been since I last wrote about "things I know about," you may ask? I have been busy walking down new avenues and adding to the knowledge of what writing is and isn't. I have now published six novels and three short stories, two of which are a series ongoing. I have ghostwritten two novels, which has been a learning and growing experience for me. 

 I have walked a bit into the Sci-fi world of writing and found it enticing. There is an entirely new and open genre in Sci-fi in my mind. Why? Because in the Sci-fi world, unlike my writings in the "suspense-thriller"genre, the sky, or perhaps I should say, the Universe is Not the limit. In keeping with reality, my fiction novels of suspense, no matter where I take them, still must follow a line that keeps them "real." Sci-fi, on the other hand can be as close to or as far from reality as the writer wishes it to be. It does leave a lot of room for expansion of the imagination.

 I will be keeping you up to date with my writing and the things I learn about along the way. Where my books are and where they are going will be part of my writing. I do hope to see you around the writing Universe as I open new doors, close a few old ones and peek at what is behind Door # 3.


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